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Guitars and Music sonuus -- Music Products Designed in the UK. Cool, innovative music products that every guitarist should know about. Crossroads online guitar tabs and guitar lessons conducts streaming instruction for advanced or beginning guitar students; try  free lessons before you purchase!  Free chord charts and other resources. MP3 software and tutorials for CD ripping, MP3 converting, audio mixing and burning MP3s to CD.! Lyrics: Over 150.000 lyrics in easy A-Z searchable archive, updated daily with new full albums. Requests, forum, top lyrics, charts. MP3 karaoke software. Sound Recorder Software Reviews and Free Downloads MP3 WAV WMA OGG Converter -- converting batches of MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG Vorbis files from one formart to another on-the-fly. Free download audio and MP3 softwares Resources that help you getting the most out of your jazz guitar playing: tabs, licks, transcriptions, lessons, mp3 & more. Musical instrument online store specializing in electric guitars. Glockenspiel in Munich - The Glockenspiel is a musical instrument in the percussion family. It is similar to the xylophone. The xylophone's bars are wooden, while the glockenspiel's are metal, thus making it a metallophone Downloadable multi track loops, Roland Mv8000 Sounds, Software samples including free hip hop wav samples and drum sounds. Find Fruity loops, Hip Hop Drums & Drum Loops and mpc sounds including mpc 1000, 2000, 2000xl, 3000, 4000 and other mpc sounds on P5Audio. Drum Sounds & Sample Libraries for Hip Hop, Producer DVDs, Sampler Memory & more. International Film and TV production resources. Variety of Film & TV Projects, Freelance and Full Time Available. offers acid loops and drum samples for modern music producers, plus music production tips & tutorials, beat contests, music software, & music contracts for modern musicians.
Free Guitar Chords: A large listing of guitar chords. Learn chord progression and understand why some chords sound better togethor then others.

PC Resources The indispensible guide to PC hardware. Check here before you buy. A great source of PC hardware and software. Good prices and huge inventory. (UK) A good alternative for software. Prices are sometimes quite good, but best to shop around. Unfortunately, no free delivery for on-line sales, but they do have a download-then-buy service for some products. A really great on-line store with some great products; especially  for making your PC quiet. The staff are some of the most helpful I've  come across. Another  good source of  components and materials to make your PC quieter. And yet another good source for silencing your PC (US only). Not a vast product selection, but you may find what you need. Good software, with independent reviews. Second Chance PC Ltd: A good source of older PC equipment, especially SCSI-based systems. Useful for connecting to SCSI samplers and other music equipment. They also sell new equipment. Everything you need to know about ASUS motherboards can be found here. Overclocking, trouble-shooting, general help. It's excellent! Micro Direct is a Computing company - related to selling all kinds of hardware and components.

Technical things The home of the finepitch Tuner ICs. Create instrument tuners with unsurpassed price/performance.  A wonderful directory for everything and anything to do with oscilloscopes, hardware and software. Data Physics provides the noise and vibration community with high performance dynamic signal analyzers; as well as, electrodynamic shakers. The Association of C and C++ Users (now known only by their acronym ACCU). A great organisation to join if you care about programming.

Books The first place to look for a book. Good discounts (esp. on technical books). Can get most things, but not always quickly. Good source of technical books.

3D graphics stuff The creaters of TrueSpace; one of the best 3D graphics programs around. Inexpensive when compared to similar products, and older versions are also available at low prices.  For novice and experienced users alike. An excellent resource for 3D graphics. Includes a huge number of free high-quality 3D objects in .3DS and .DXF formats. If you're into 3D graphics, this site should be bookmarked now.
Millennium 3D Millennium 3D Textures, models,tutorials and lots of other free stuff. Capture 3D offers 3d scanning solutions including 3-dimensional inspection services, laser scanning systems, reverse engineering services, 3d laser digitising systems and 3d vision systems. Excellent rapid prototyping products that create high-quality, ABS,  physcial prototypes from 3D CAD models. Parts are strong and durable at the expense of ultra-fine details.

Another fast, affordable rapid prototyping system. Parts can be exceptionally detailed, and in colour, but are not as durable as the Dimension ABS parts (link above). However, models can be infused with epoxy and superglue to make them stronger.

Education stuff djb microtech ltd. Great equipment for teaching physics. Well worth a visit.
Their excellent educational software is written by us, JHC SoftWare! Physics Directory : physics related news, books and web resources.


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