This page contains all of the software and files available for download from JHC Software Limited. You may download any of these files completely free-of-charge. You are not permitted to redistribute these files directly. Instead, you must link directly to these files.

All of the software contained here is "Freeware", which means you do not need to pay to download or use it. It is not "Open-Source" meaning the source code is not freely available for download.

Because the software is free, we cannot offer a lot of technical support. Please use the forum to share your experiences.

Code Co-op Encrypt (more info)

CodeCoopEncrypt is a utility for use with Reliable Software’s excellent Code Co-op version control system. Code Co-op Version 5.0 or above is required for this utility to work correctly.

Code Co-op can use email to communicate with other project members. Our Code Co-op Encrypt utility makes sure this email data is securely encrypted.

Download the installer here.

G-tune (more info)


Based on our high-accuracy, low-latency pitch measurement technology, G-tune was a highly popular tuner program serving the needs of amateur and professional musicians and instrument manufacturers for a decade.

However, G-tune has now been discontinued and whilst support is available for all existing customers, it is no longer for sale. Instead, we have teamed up with Peterson Electro-Musical Products Inc, to create StroboSoft, a truly world-leading tuning application. With this change in focus, we believe everyone will benefit from an improved product (also supported on Mac OSX), with better support infrastructure and a  future-proof technology base.

Nevertheless, a semi-functional version is still available to demonstrate our technology:

Download Gtune_x.exe

Click here for more information on StroboSoft.

Click here for details of G-tune.

Registered User?

If you are a registered user of G-tune you can download the latest versions which are not freely available for download. Contact support@ with your registration details for information on how to obtain the latest versions. See the main G-tune page for what's included in the latest version (2.51).

Snooker147 & Poolster 1.3 (more info)Snooker147

Combining accurate and realistic physics with unrivalled gameplay, Snooker147 is the ultimate top-down Snooker simulation for Win95/NT/2000/XP/Vista. In addition to fantastic graphics and realistic sound effects, Snooker147 has many special features including: 3 levels of computer opponent, a unique help facility for colour-blind players, slow-motion replay, saving and loading game positions/shots and a fully-featured ball-positioner to recreate those missed shots in the snooker hall the previous evening. Using the acclaimed "Poolster Billiard Engine", Snooker147 brings the intricacies of the real game into your home; it will even help you improve your snooker skills!!!

Poolster is the pool equivalent of Snooker147.

Snooker147 and Poolster are now sold as one product; so better value and more fun. Snooker147&Poolster comes with complete Install and Uninstall support to make it really easy to setup and to remove!

To install Snooker147 and Poolster just run the Snook13s.exe file, and follow the instructions.  

Snook13r.exe 1,899,646 bytes 

Guitar TAB sheets

TAB is a form of staff notation used by guitarists to better describe the music. This is often used in preference to traditional staff notation, and is also much easier for novices to read and write.

The files are all supplied in pdf (Adobe Acrobat) format, so they can be viewed and printed easily.

Simple TAB

The simple TAB does not contain any traditional staff notation, only TAB. Print the pdf file as a double-sided page for best results.

This format provides the most lines per page.

Click here to download.

Burnout 2.0Burnout

Basically, Burnout lets you enable and disable your screensaver with ease (and automatically if you wish). Why would you want to do this? Well, screen savers can cause problems when you burn a CD-R, or are downloading from the internet. Nevertheless, it is also a good idea to have one to protect your monitor.

When Burnout starts, it automatically disables the screen saver. Then it reenables it again when it exits. Burnout can even be setup to automatically run a progam so that the screen saver is disabled only while that program runs. For example, you could use Burnout to launch your CD-R burning application, then the screen saver will always be disabled whenever you start this application, and reenabled whenever you exit.

Burnout is freeware and comes with complete install and uninstall support to make it easy to setup and remove. It uses JHC SoftWare's "WebPackit" installation technology to greatly reduce the file size when compared to other installation programs.

Burn20.exe 132,608 bytes.

Span 1.0

NOTE: This may not run on modern (fast) PCs due to a bug in the Borland run-time libraries used. However, it is ideally suited to older, slower machines so we have kept it available for interested users.

Span is a freeware, simple-to-use and reliable disk-spanning program. Span will take a large file (e.g., a .ZIP archive) and split it accross multiple floppies. This is DOS-based and was written many years ago when such programs were not widely available.

To install span, run the downloaded program in DOS. This will extract 2 files: 'span.exe' and 'span.txt', the utility and the instructions respectively.

span10.exe   14,357 bytes

Memory Tutor 1.2

NOTE: This may not run on modern (fast) PCs due to a bug in the Borland run-time libraries used. However, it is ideally suited to older, slower machines so we have kept it available for interested users.

This simple DOS-based memory tutor program that was developed several years ago (originally on the Commodore 64) to help teach myself foreign languages. Memory Tutor asks you repeated questions and tests you for the required answers. You input the questions and the answers and configure the program for your particular application. I have used this very successfully to learn Latin, Italian and even to remember complex maths formulas for exams. This is a must-have program!

To install Memory Tutor, run the downloaded program in DOS. This will extract 2 files: 'tutor.exe' and 'tutor.txt', the utility and the instructions.

tutor12.exe   32,997 bytes